Saturday, August 18

Karmen Karma Ass Fucked In Virtual Reality With BIG Pole

Karmen Karma is in over her head on this day with Manuel Ferrara. Babes always trash talk and say they want a big dick. Well as you can see here, she has a monster in her ass and she can barely handle it. She acts as if she likes it but its obvious she is in over her head and is being punished with a big dick.

Saturday, August 4

Karmen Karma Uses Her Ass And Big Tits To Get That Cock

Karmen Karma is a tattooed slut that knows how to twerk it. This brunette is filthy hot while she bounces her booty - slow motion included so you can really see it clap. She wastes no time when she comes inside to greet Ramon with her juicy pussy as she hops on his face and he immediately dives his fingers into her asshole. She loves the taste of her own ass and shows him how grateful she is with a CRAZY SLOPPY BLOWJOB. Gagging and choking herself and preparing for the brutal ass pounding she's gonna get. Watch Karmen cum and scream while taking that fat cock in her ass. She just can't get enough and we can't get enough of it either and like a good little slut, she does what Ramon tells her. Fuck this scene is hot! Why are you still reading? CLICK PLAY!

Tuesday, May 22

Karmen Karma Has Her Pussy And Mouth Swallow Manuels Cock

Karmen Karma has a photoshoot with Manuel and obviously she looks hot as fuck in the pictures... but she asks to take a look at them and thinks she could do better. "My eyes look better when I have a cock in my mouth," and she's absolutely right! Of course he's happy to oblige and snaps even more shots of this filthy slut deepthroating his fat, uncut cock. One thing leads to another and after she slurps as much cock as she can she's taking it deep in her super tight pussy and just can't wait to stretch her asshole out for it too. All of Karmen's holes are pounded in this fuck-session and when this slut cums she gets even more cock-crazy! Loud, filthy, slutty and eager! Karmen Karma is on fire in this one and when she spreads her filthy mouth open for a massive load, she's earned it. She doesn't waste a single drop either.

Monday, March 26

Karmen Karma Shows Us How She Likes To Fuck

Karmen Karma loves showing off her hot body, and her Hot Body Ink! Drink up the view of this brunette and her big, perky tits, as she poses and struts to start this 42 minute hardcore introduction to our March, 2014 exploration of those women who are even more sexy for being never quite naked. You'll get to know this brunette's pieces very well, but not quite as well as you'll know how she likes to fuck!

Sunday, January 14

Karmen Karma All Holes Get Full Filled With A Double Anal And Anal Creampie

Thank heaven... for little sluts like Karmen Karma! This tattooed brunette just can't seem to get enough cock and Jules Jordan Video is happy to supply it. See, Karmen flips herself around so she can get her throat fucked and then takes one big cock on each end and there's nothing gentle about it. Marcus Bay and Toni Ribas take this babe on a wild cock ride that includes face fucking and pussy pounding before she gets a brutal ass fucking, DP - and - BOTH COCKS IN HER ASS! If you're dreaming of a filthy, cock hungry slut, Karmen Karma is here to make your dreams come true.

Sunday, November 19

Karmen Karma & Rachael Madori Sisters "Secret" Tongue Move

With Karmen on house arrest and not able to have sex with her girlfriend Kayla, she devised a plan to get her sister Rachael, who was sleeping with Kayla out of spite, to be her little sex toy. Karmen only had to hint to Rachael that she will not get Kayla to cum without knowing her "secret" tongue move.

Tuesday, October 17

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Dear Karmen Karma, Thank you. Thank you for being a slut. Thank you for smiling while you show off your big ol' titties and tight booty. The way you look when you see three dudes that are going to fuck your brains out whip out their cocks is like you're an excited gift-receiver on Christmas morning. Thank you for demonstrating your crazy, sloppy blowjob skills. Karmen, thank you for not having a gag reflex and shoving all of those cocks down your filthy throat. Thank you for taking a cock in your pussy, in your asshole, and in your mouth simultaneously - you're an amazing airtight kinda whore. Thank you even more for getting truly fucked hard and loving it dirty and rough. THANK you for taking TWO COCKS IN THE ASS AT THE SAME TIME AND LOVING IT! Thanks for cumming hard when it gets even nastier and taking a fat load of jizz in your asshole and more on your face and tits. And thank you, from the bottom of our pants, for licking that cum up like a filthy slut. These DP Masters know it's true - You're the best!